About Us

Hi! Nice to meet you and welcome on our ‘About Us’ page. We suppose you’re curious about our business… Who we are, what we do and most importantly: what we can offer YOU. Also, we can image that you’re trying to figure out why you would choose our products over the products of another company. So… Let’s try to give you an image about the idea behind Patiofurn.com!

We’re a family business from Europe. We grew up in a big family and spent most of our childhood with our siblings, family and friends. You could say that the happiest of our memories were made gathered around the table, whether it was inside or outside the house. Having dinner all together multiple times a day has always been a big part of how our parents raised us. And always with some extra food on the table, because we never knew who'd show up unexpectedly! Our upbringing is one of the things that inspired us to start a garden furniture company. Not only in our own country, but also in the US. The sky is the limit, right?

Our wish for everyone is to enjoy time outside with family and friends. It’s what made us happy when we were kids and it still makes us happy when we all gather at our parents' house: when we enjoy dinner together and have long conversations. Because, let's be honest... What is really important in your life? What makes YOU happy? Living a self-centered life, eating quick meals, spending lots of time with your phone in one hand and your laptop in the other? Or... Spending more time (outside) with your loved ones, enjoying selfmade healthy delicious food? Endless summer days when the sun shines bright and you'd wish the evening could last forever? It's up to you to decide.

Us from Patiofurn believe that comfortable, good quality garden furniture could be the first step to a more joyful life. It gives you the opportunity to invite friends and family whenever you want and also, to really connect with each other. Besides, we believe in products made of durable materials. We want to take care of the world and we want you to enjoy your outside furniture as long as possible. Your happiness is our happiness.

Long story short... We hope to welcome you in the Patiofurn family. Our family of happy customers is already quite big, but... There's always room for one more!


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